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Company Profile

Formula Shoes factory was born in 1992 when Silvio Iacoponi and his wife, Giuditta Valori decided to use their knowledge and professionalism to set up a unique company on the market. It all began when Silvio, foreman in a company, has been contacted to create a pair of shoes for Alain Prost, the four/times Formula 1 Worldchampion. His product, completely handmade and with innovative materials was immidiately noted and appreciated by the world of the Motorsport. Since that time the Formula company has started a long partnership with the most important brands in the racing’s market like Sparco, OMP, Sabelt, Momo, Santoni racing. Thanks to the real passion for this sector, to the technical knowledge, to the expertise developed over the years and to the continuous research of innovative materials, Formula Shoes has been becoming the main provider for Formula 1 pilots and mechanics, but also for the automative technicians in other races as rally, uphill races, ect… Nevertheless, Just in the 2003, Silvio and Giuditta decided to go further and thought to apply their skills to design a shoe that could be worn by everyone. Without abandoning racing field, they undertook work in parallel on leisure shoes. Due to the hight professionalism developed through cooperation decades, Formula technicals managed to put in place a product able to satisfy both the practical needs of everyday’s life and the stylistic-qualities’ particulars that a special situation involves. Remaining linked to the nature of sportive shoes, these shoes are handmade with a special attention for the materials choise and the details refiniment as a shoe entirely made in Italy. In Formula, shoes are conceived, designed and built as an smart accessory, this implies foundamental concepts like comfort, versatility and flexibility reacheable through a models design based on customer feedback as well as the high quality of italian manufacture and materials. Formula’s techinicians steadily seek to satisfy their customers needs providing tailor-made footwear for those who have problems in the lower limbs, deformities dysmetria or simply for those who desire a unique and customized product.

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