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Footwear Made in Marche

The economic boom which characterised the Marche Region in the immediate post war period was not fruit of spontaneity or indeed coincidence, but a combination of creativity and entrepreneurial capacity. Both often present in the farmer figure who transformed himself into a craftsman and later into a small businessman.

The industrial areas of the Marche Region can be characterised as follows:

  1. concentrated, flexible productivity with each company specialising in a specific phase of production;
  2. prevalence of know-how (artisan tradition) with formal and informal channels for the propagation of information, collaboration and competition between companies. All fundamental for development;
  3. sufficient infrastructure, both material (areas for building, industrial warehouses) and services (availability of social services and local banks, etc);
  4. consistent growth rate, even during years when other geographical regions were encountering reduced productivity;
  5. good capacity for international business throughout the main markets of the EU, USA, Russia and South East Asia.
The industrial sectors in the Marche Region are: footwear, mechanical, furniture, textile/apparel industry.
The shoe production district is the most important and is located in the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Macerata
It is the biggest shoe production district in Italy, both in terms of the number of companies operating and the production output.
There are 2,200 companies operating in the footwear sector in the Marche, with about 30,000 employees. These figures represent 30% of the national total.
Export turnover for the footwear sector in the Marche region is almost E. 1800,00 million.

The real made in italy

Creativity, design, innovation and style are all synonymies of "Made in Italy” and can be identified in the products made by the EXPOOL consortium members.
Furthermore, thanks to the artisan production and to the selection of top quality raw materials, the member companies are able to satisfy international demand, following new fashion trends and the individual requests of each client.
The Italian artisan shoe guarantees flexible production, allowing clients to personalise their orders

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